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We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive marketing communications strategy to maximize effectiveness of communication tools. Understanding our clients customers and communication preferences is the foundation for designing a long-term communications strategy. 

Linkbridge works with clients to identify their numerous customer communities, evaluate the characteristics  of each community, and determine the best communication tools to engage key customers.

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 Customer Communications Assessment

Public Relations management

communications Strategy

What is the market value of your brand? Every organization's brand has a value. We will assess your current brand value, brainstorm on brand goals and design a plan that helps you realize the full potential of your brand.

Today's real-time communication tools have empowered businesses to better manage their public relations and connect with new audiences. Consumers demand a dialogue and expect engagement with the brands they follow.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great marketing strategy to help organizations find new customer communities. Not tech savvy? No problem. We can help you develop and manage a SEO marketing plan that makes sense for your organization. 

Websites continue to play a critical role in customer communications. They offer the local and global footprint that is often the first introduction between a client and customer. We collaborate with clients to design and maintain an effective Internet presence.